Trashville (Steam Keys)
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Региональные ограничения: нет. 
Коллекционные карточки: есть.
Стоимость игры в Steam: 59 рублей.
Разработчик/Издатель: BCH waves studio 
Дата выхода игры: 13 фев. 2017 
Страница в Стиме 
Trashville - top-down action game, in which you'll have to fight off waves of different enemies. In this hell of a battle you won't be able to solely rely on your weapons. You'll have to use your creativity and set up different traps to survive. No more bullets? Summon a giant dwarf from the Wizard's hat. Can't push through the walls of enemies? Fly away on a magic elevator. When you feel like there is no escape, pray and an army of crusaders will storm to you on a dope ass tram.
Even if that won't better your situation, you can always choose to run away to the forest where you can chill with Gangsta bears!